9/27 Update:

Amy Coney Barrett has been nominated to the US Supreme Court after Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away. The US Senate plans to move forward with hearings and a confirmation vote on Barrett.

Florida has moved forward with full Phase Three reopening of bars and restaurants. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the US, Florida saw an uptick of infections in July, but never saw the catastrophic results that were seen in the Northeast.

Over 160 businesses, including Fortune 500 leaders, wrote to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio regarding concerns with the global pandemic and rioting occurring. NYC has seen waves of people exiting the city due to the local government's handling of the ongoing issues.

Universities are facing calls and protests to drop tuition prices. Universities have been restricting in-person classes and strictly limiting student resources that is usually included in tuition prices, due to Covid-19.

US President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after successfully brokering a historic peace deal with Serbia-Kosove and Israel. The nomination comes from a prestigious member of the Norwegian Parliament, and as another deal was made with Muslim-majority country Bahrain.