4/6 Update:

Coronavirus has continued to spread throughout the world. Drastic measures have been taken to decrease the spread. Aeavv has been committed to providing updates.

The US Department of Labor Statistics reported the unemployment rate rose to 4.4% with 701,000 jobs lost for March.

Beaches are now open for the state of Georgia. Certain social distancing guidelines still apply.

The National Football League (NFL) has signaled plans to start the 2020 season on time.

A new Gallup poll has shown eight of nine institutions (including US hospitals, President Donald Trump, Vice President Pence, congress, employers, schools/daycare, and government health agencies) actions on the coronavirus are approved by a large majority of the American public. The media is the only institution that is highly disapproved.

United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was taken to the hospital. He previously tested positive for the coronavirus.

2018 Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum, was discovered in a hotel with a man who allegedly overdosed from crystal meth. Gillum recently announced he will attend rehab for alcohol issues.