Vivacious Vodka Cocktails

As the seasons are changing, and the evenings are getting darker earlier, it is easy to feel sluggish. It's even easier to feel tired when drinking. So what to do? Get some swag in your step and try some of these vodka cocktails!

Moscow Mule: The Moscow Mule have been exploding in popularity recently with their distinct mugs. For good reason too, it combines vodka, ice, and ginger beer. Different places uses their own variation, sprinkled in, to create a distinct taste.

Vodka Tonic: Similar to the gin & tonic, but replacing the gin for vodka. It is perfect for the athletic and low-calorie folks. Also, ideal in warmer climates during the day or after a workout!

Bloody Mary: A delicious drink, that is top choice during brunch. It is colored red by the essential ingredients of tomato juice, lemon juice, and vodka. Legend has it, that the name derives from the brutal Queen, but don't be fooled. There is a reason this is a favorite.

Screwdriver: Another brunch favorite. Generally consists of only vodka and orange juice. The mix is perfect for a next morning style get-together and is very affordable.

Vodka Martini: Simply made with vermouth and lemon that is served well in ice or chilled. A preferred beverage among martini lovers everywhere.

So take a chance, and put some life back in your step. Enjoy these vivacious vodka cocktails!


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