Meet British golfer Bella Angel. She shares her passion for golf, rise to popularity, and future plans!

Sam: Thank you so much. How did you get involved with the game of golf?
Bella Angel: I come from a golfing family and my father is a golf professional, so I was introduced to golf at quite an early age. My whole life has been golf!

Sam: That's great, so how has the global pandemic affected your game, and what have you done to adapt?
Bella Angel: Thankfully, golf is a game that you can play while maintaining social distancing measures, so the pandemic has not been too imposing. Obviously, the courses were closed over lockdown so it was impossible to get out and play or even practice to stay on form.

I used this time away from golf and travel to focus on my fitness with home workouts, as well as working on some personal projects, such as building and launching my website and creating content for my YouTube channel.

Going from playing weekly to not being able to play at all really helped me realize how deep my passion for golf runs, and has given me a newfound determination to improve and dedicate myself to the sport.

Sam: You’ve become an internet sensation through your Instagram. To what do you attribute the international recognition?
Bella Angel: I actually started my Instagram as a way of tracking my own golfing progress, and never thought that the account would reach this magnitude or grow as quickly as it did. I’ve built a wonderful and supportive following, which I feel incredibly blessed to have. I think that in order to grow a large following so quickly on social media you need to have a strong passion for what you do and convey that passion through your platform.

I think that my passion for golf really shines through in all my content, and my followers seem to greatly appreciate that as they can relate to my excitement and enjoyment of the game. I feel that my passion, which drove me in the first place, is what has brought me to where I am today.

Sam: Has your experience, since the initial fame, been more positive or negative?
Bella Angel: I have been very fortunate so far, as my experience has been predominantly positive. I have been provided the opportunity to travel to amazing places, meet incredible people, and to work with top brands — how can I complain!

Since working through social media means that you constantly have to put yourself out there, I’ve developed a thick skin and learned not to take anything personally; if anything, I like to take all criticism as constructive criticism and turn negativity into productivity.

Furthermore, thankfully nearly all the comments and messages on my account are supportive and kind. I think this has made a big difference. I have been asked many times why this is the case, and I really do believe that it is due to the law of attraction: if you give positivity you receive positivity.

Sam: It seems there are more women playing golf than ever before. What are your thoughts on the cultural shift, and the attention you’ve brought to the game?
Bella Angel: Although I acknowledge that there has definitely been an effort to make the golf world more inclusive, I’d like to see even more women take up the sport. I think that golf is a hard game to start playing unless someone introduces you to it, particularly for women. I’m proud to be representing women in golf and I hope that my online presence will encourage more women to give golf a try.

Through my content I try to illustrate the fun side of golf, not just on the course, but also the added extras that the game brings. Golf has so many amazing benefits, as it is not only fantastic exercise, but is also very sociable. I credit a lot of my life skills to golf, as you are exposed to a wide variety of people through the sport.

Furthermore, I feel that learning the 'mental game’ transcends into daily life and helps you affront stress and challenging situations with a strong and disciplined mindset. I think that the game still needs to become more accessible and that there needs to be increased efforts into making golf more inclusive, particularly for women. I believe that golf courses and organizations are now waking up to the untapped potential of increasing women’s participation in the sport.

Sam: Finally, what are your future plans, anything exciting coming up to share?
Bella Angel: I’ve started a YouTube channel and I plan to focus on building my audience and creating interesting content. I will be producing course Vlogs, interviewing top female golfers, sharing some of my golfing tips and much more, so make sure you’re subscribed! People can stay up to date with all my endeavours through the blog section on my website, following my social channels, my username is @bellaangelgolf for all of them.


Disclaimer: All Photos Provided Courtesy of Bella Angel and her Team. Potential minor edits for transcript's length, flow, grammatical/formatting.
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