Meet UFC ring girl, television host, and professional model, Arianny Celeste. Read below for our Special Q&A!

Sam: Thank you very much for your time. How did you become a ring girl at UFC fights and what does being a ring girl entail?
Arianny Celeste: My agency sent me to an audition in 2016 and it changed my life. It’s much more than just being in a bikini. You must be knowledgeable about the sport. Including, being able to represent the company in the best way possible to promote the UFC fights. Fitness is of course important too, we must remain healthy and fit to announce the rounds of the fights.

Sam: What made you decide to join Joe Rogan and perform hosting duties for UFC Ultimate Insider?
Arianny Celeste: I’ve always wanted to be a television host. Ultimate Insider gave me a chance and made me super familiar with being on camera. I would go from working the weigh-ins or fights all day to filming Ultimate Insider until one or two in the morning! It was a grind, but worth it, because I eventually landed Overhaulin’ (television series) on the Discovery Channel .

Sam: To conclude, you've now started your own jewelry company called Girlfriend Box. Where does your motivation come from to be doing so many different things?
Arianny Celeste: I love helping people, and in this case Girlfriend Box allows me to help men who are clueless on what to gift their loved ones. I also love fashion and accessories, so it’s fun for me to find out what women like and styling them. Girlfriend Box is a business I can fall back on that has nothing to do with looks or being in a bikini.


Disclaimer: All Photos Provided Courtesy of Arianny Celeste and her management. Potential minor edits for transcript's length, flow, grammatical/formatting.
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