Penn State Dismantles Big Bad SEC

By many analysts, Penn State was expected to barely win with a highly plausible possibility to lose against Auburn. After all, Auburn is in the SEC, undefeated, and would be at home.

Several major outlets mocked Penn State's ability to win over Purdue (another Big Ten opponent) in the weeks prior and held bias over the superiority of the big bad SEC.

However, Saturday showed a stark difference to what the analysts elsewhere projected. Penn State not only edged Auburn, nor defeated Auburn by two-scores as AEAVV® estimated, instead they won by 41-12. A loss that Auburn hasn't experienced at home in decades.

Penn State had third and fourth string athletes up against Auburn's defense. Auburn fans were leaving and heading home early.

Freshman running back, Nick Singleton, went off with well over 100 yards and two touchdowns. Quarterback Sean Clifford played remarkably well with the depth of noted Freshman Drew Allar seeing time as well.

The win over Auburn heats up the Big Ten vs SEC rivalry. Moreover, the divide between the two super conferences is proving to be non-existent on the field, only in the media.


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