Mastering the Lunch Interview

Standard interviews in an office setting are challenging enough, so how does someone handle a lunch interview? It can be tricky territory, since it involves meeting a potential boss and food. However, this interview is a good sign that the company is already investing time and money into a candidate. Given the individual has some sense of professionalism & remembers the tips below – the job is theirs to lose.

  • Always eat something before arrival.
  • Never order handhelds.
  • Under no circumstance, should an alcoholic beverage be ordered. (Employers will sometimes even order a drink themselves and urge the candidate to have one. Do not fall for this, it’s a test of professionalism.)
  • Research & observe how the company dresses. Wear clothing & colors similar to the company’s employees.
  • Maintain proper posture, speak clearly, and smile during pauses.
  • Never look at a cell phone, even in the restroom.
  • Stand when another person joins the table. (This is another test.)
  • Keep table arrangement (visual below).

A lunch interview is a great preview of how a person will entertain and manage client meetings. Therefore, good manners are essential. As Clarence Thomas pointed out, “Good manners will open doors, that the best education cannot.”


Author: Emma