Know Your Terminology – 2020 South American Edition

                A quick definition & acronym buster to prepare you for the South American theater of 2020.


Amazon – Rainforest covering several nations in South America with fires naturally & potentially unnaturally in recent time.

Brazil – Largest country in South America, experiencing a transformation from socialist to free-market economy under the leadership of President Jair Bolsonaro

Falkland Islands – Islands in the South Atlantic that is currently part territory of the United Kingdom. Argentina disputes the UK’s status of the land. War between the two countries have occurred over rightful status.

Forum for the Progress and Development of South America (PROSUR) – created to replace UNASUR and promote economies, democracy, and independence. Made up of a large portion of South American nations.

Mexican Drug War – War between the Mexican government and Mexican drug cartels. Official start of war began over a decade ago, and no real end is foreseeable. Conflicts and effects have spilled into US states as well as several Central or South American nations.

Union of South American Nations  (UNASUR) – legal entity initially founded in early 2000s. After significant criticism of far-left ideals, most member nations have withdrew.

Venezuelan Civil War – Protests, riots, and deaths following the Venezuelan Crisis. Outbreak was caused from socialist policies and economic turmoil leading up to the president election. Most Western countries recognize the proceeding presidential election of Nicolas Maduro as illegitimate and recognize Guido as President.

Venezuelan Crisis – Presidential crisis occurring in 2019 and still ongoing between Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido. Guadio is officially recognized by more than 45 nations, while Maduro claimed election victory.