Know Your Terminology – 2020 Asia-Pacific Edition

A quick definition & acronym buster to prepare you for the Asia-Pacific theater of 2020.

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) – Located in Sydney, as a primary financial security market in Australia.

Hong Kong Protests- Began in 2019, and is ongoing into 2020. Protest and violence have occurred in Hong Kong’s effort for independence and pro-democracy against China’s policies.

Huawei- Chinese technology company that allegedly conducts various espionage acts on behalf of the Chinese government according to the US.

Japan Exchange Group – Japanese corporation that owns Tokyo Stock Exchange.

North Korea Nuclear Talks – Discussions & efforts between the United States and North Korea. Suggested and goals are for North Korea to dismantle their nuclear programs in exchange for sanction and economic relief.

Trade War (China & US) – Economic conflict between the United States and China with tariffs as the primary weapon. The conflict is ongoing, but the United States economy has largely been unaffected & have seen gains while China’s economy continues to either slow or decline.