Know Your Terminology – 2020 African/Middle East Edition

A quick definition & acronym buster to prepare you for the African/Middle East theater of 2020.

African Union (AU) – Bloc formed for promotion of unity & international cooperation of the continent of Africa.

Collective Security Organization – Military alliance made up of Russia, EMEA and Eurasia nations.

India-Pakistan Conflict – Series of battles & wars dating back to late 1940s following WWII. Globally significant since both nations are nuclear powers.

Jerusalem – Capital city of Israel recognized by the US and several other nations. More nations are expected to move their embassy and offices from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Likud – Governing party in Israel, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Party advocates pro-democracy and free market policies.

Turkey-Syria Conflict – Conflict in the region that is notable between NATO member Turkey and Kurdish Syrian forces. US has worked with both parties in the past to some capacity.