Greatest Sides for Thanksgiving

Today we break down the greatest traditional sides for Thanksgiving. Check it out below and be sure to include these to your meal (if you don't already). Any of these are a fantastic addition to the turkey this year!

Stuffing: The superior of all sides, this delicious bread & herb is made similar to a casserole. Stuffing is relatively easy to make and is generally baked within the turkey for added flavor.

Collard Greens: Particularly popular in the South, the leafy green vegetable is a must. It is a healthy side with a partial kale and cabbage taste. Moreover, it can be easily sautéd.

Rolls & Biscuits: An obvious staple to clear someone's palate. May take some time if homemade, but store-bought is even better at the right bakery.

Perhaps best of all, everyone of these sides are perfect to have before pumpkin pie and coffee. We wish you a very happy & safe Thanksgiving!


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