Great Pizza Debate Thoughts

The debate over pizza is surely never-ending. Partially because it's not just a single "great debate" when it comes to pizza. Instead, there are several and there definitely will be more to come! Nevertheless, we will break down some of the larger debates and give our thoughts.

Chicago-Style vs New York-Style: Originating in Chicago, the Chicago-style pizza is a deep-dish made in a pan. The New York-style pizza comes from New York and has a thinner crust being easier to fold.
Our Thoughts: New York-Style

Fold or Not: As everyone is aware, pizza generally comes in the shape of a triangle. The debate centers around if a pizza should be eaten by folding the crust over or not. Some Italians even say it is better to eat with a fork and knife.
Our Thoughts: Fold

Pineapple on a Pie: Another debate is if pineapple pieces should be on a pizza pie. This is definitely another individual taste preference, since some won't like the additional sweetness. Others argue the debate strictly is about the formality of putting pineapple fruits on pizza.
Our Thoughts: No Pineapple

Overall AEAVV® is pro-pizza, and would never tell anyone how to eat it. We definitely enjoy pizza & the debates though, but let us know your thoughts!


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