Friday Alternatives During Lent

If you happen to be suffering through the Lent season as a practicing Roman Catholic or are just against meat, then we have some alternatives for you. Check out our top list for Friday dinners!

Pizza: It's almost already a weekend staple, and should be no different during the Lent season. Nearly any toppings other than pepperoni, bacon, and BBQ chicken can be on it. Highly recommend green peppers or mushrooms!

Portobella Burger: This mushroom burger is perfectly served like a regular burger with fries. It tastes very similar to its meat counterpart, but has a slightly more distinct flavor. A popular option available at most restaurants.

Mac and Cheese: Only throwing this in here for the adolescents and sorority girls out there. A little bit of nostalgia and a typical choice.

Swordfish: Very similar to grilling steak as it shares equivalent toughness. More surprising is the taste isn't far off from regular steaks (just a little more fishy). Can be seasoned with salt and lemon or very little olive oil!

Egg Salad: Even though eggs mature into meat, somehow this is acceptable. Nevertheless, this is a healthy choice and provides excellent protein for fitness advocates.

These meals are sure to help your through Lent or even a great dinner during the week. Let us know your thoughts!

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