Fish Grilling Favorites

Do you enjoy quality seafood? I sure do! Even if I can't always get to a restaurant and have seafood prepared, it's nice to be able to cook meals at home. In some cases, it's super easy and delicious to grill fish. Below I've indicated some of my favorites to try!

Salmon: A well known meal that can easily be prepared in under an hour. The fish is great to marinade with lemon and garlic, but there are many other variations that can be tried. Easy for grilling and goes well with vegetables like asparagus.

Swordfish: Very similar to grilling steak as it shares equivalent toughness. More surprising is the taste isn't far off from regular steaks (just a little more fishy). Can be seasoned with salt and lemon or very little olive oil!

Mahi-mahi: Another relatively quick option that goes great with lemon or may be blackend. Mahi-mahi is served well with vegetables or even rolls like a burger. A dynamic option for the family!

These fish are ideal for grilling and can taste great at home! Just always remember to check internal temperatures and cook thoroughly before consuming.


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