Finest Italian Desserts

Italy is the mother of all cuisine. It has a rich history that dates back to the Roman Empire. Not only that, but Italy's dishes continuously have been preferred worldwide. Since Italian desserts are one of a kind, we've shared our top selections!

Cannoli: This Sicilian pastry comes with a luscious taste from the ricotta and cream filled middle of a tube-looking dough. While a cannoli is generally high in calories, it is well known and popular in nearly every part of the world.

Gelato: This frozen treat is better than any ice cream or frozen yogurt and arguably healthier too. A Gelato tends to be little more expensive, but has a rich and flavorful taste that is revealed while melting in the mouth.

Tiramisu: Perhaps one of the most popular Italian desserts, Tiramisu is often served last in a full course meal. Usually created with rum or wine, the alcoholic taste is partially offset by the caffeine which gives the dessert a coffee flavor.

You can find these Italian treats almost anywhere, and most times reasonably priced. However you'll find the best quality in the Northeast and parts of Florida where Italian heritage runs deep.


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