Drinks for Fall

We are right at the start of cooler weather, leaves changing colors, and cozy long sleeve clothing. Everyone has their favorite brews, cocktails, and wines. However, for those who want to try a new taste, check out these for your next night out!

Hot Toddy: It's a staple for the fall season and one of the most basic drinks to make! Consisting mainly of hot water, lemon, honey, and whiskey this drink is perfect for late evenings by a fire or even watching a Saturday night game.

Hard Pumpkin Spiced Latte: While there are many variations and distributors selling bottles, a favorite is to simply spike a Starbucks or WAWA pumpkin latte. Choose your favorite liquor and enjoy the autumn taste!

Oktoberfest Brews: There are plenty of fantastic beer distributors with their own make. Even some microbrews have their flavor, with pumpkin ales too (a little different). This beer is a can't miss when it is in season.

Tempranillo Wines: A popular Spanish grape wine that has historic origins. It gives a dryness that is unique, even to other red wines and is fantastic over dinner!

Hot Buttered Bourbon: Carries several variations from apple cider to maple syrup and can interchange from bourbon to rum based on preference. Great for the transition between late fall and early winter nights tucked under the covers.

Give any of these drinks a try during the fall season. It is perfect to make the most out of the weather and October spirit!


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