Breaking Down Samuel Adams Winter Variety Pack

Samuel Adams has put out their new winter variety pack. The pack comes with six types of beers (two per type). We break down our takes on each beer below and give it a review.

— Scale —
0-6.5 Rating: Steer Clear, Below Average
6.6-7.5: Worth Trying, Average
7.6-8.5: Quality Beer, Above Average
8.6-9.9: Elite Craft, Excellent

Winter Lager:
Colored darker, this is one of their traditional beers for cooler temperatures at 5.6% ABV. Blended with spices, but overall smooth taste and slight cinnamon feel to it.
Our Review: 7.8

Holiday White Ale: This holiday treat has a pale golden color to it, and has a blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, and mild citrus taste. Relatively strong at 5.8% ABV.
Our Review: 7.5

Old Fezziwig: Just shy of 6% ABV, this beer is sweet. Carrying a strong caramel, and chocolate sensation. By no means a typical session beer.
Our Review: 7.4

Holiday Porter: The belle of the ball for this winter variety pack. Dark colored holding approximately 5.8% ABV. This rich tasting beverage is perfect by the fireplace on a snowy night.
Our Review: 8.4%

Reunion IPA: Another high ABV at about 6%, comes in golden color. A very citrus and hop-filled flavor. Ideal for IPA lovers out there.
Our Review: 7.2%

Boston Lager: Their traditional beer with the same great taste it always has at 5% ABV. Truly one of a kind in craft brewing that is enjoyable at nearly all occasions.
Our Review: 8.0

Based on our opinion, each beer in the Samuel Adams winter variety pack is a quality beer or higher. Try for yourself & let us know! Please drink responsibly.


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