Breaking Down Samuel Adams Fall Variety Pack

It's finally October and Samuel Adams has put out their new fall variety pack. The pack comes with four types of beers (three per type). We break down our takes on each beer below and give it a review.

— Scale —
0-6.5 Rating: Steer Clear, Below Average
6.6-7.5: Worth Trying, Average
7.6-8.5: Quality Beer, Above Average
8.6-9.9: Elite Craft, Excellent

Colored amber, this has all the elements of a near perfect pumpkin ale at 4.4% ABV. Blended with spices and the touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, it really tastes like a fine dessert.
Our Review: 9.1

Octoberfest: Märzen style craft carrying a distinct caramel and malt taste with it. Holds a modest 5.3% ABV and seems less heavy than other Oktoberfest lagers.
Our Review: 7.8

Fest Bier: This new release definitely impressed our team. A lighter lager that is incredibly smooth tasting. It goes down fairly quickly and not a session beer with 5.8% ABV.
Our Review: 8.4

Boston Lager: Their traditional beer with the same great taste it always has at 5% ABV. Truly one of a kind in craft brewing that is enjoyable at nearly all occasions.
Our Review: 8.0

As you can see based on our opinion, each beer in the Samuel Adams fall variety pack is a quality beer or higher. Try for yourself & let us know! Please drink responsibly.


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