(Anna Jane Jackson)

Meet fashion model, actress, and musician Anna Jane Jackson. Anna also serves as Creative Director for Jackson Entertainment and has industry experience both domestically and internationally. In this article she opens up about her life and creative mindset.


Sam: Hi Anna, thank you for taking part in this interview, would you please share with our audience a little about yourself & upbringing?
Anna Jane Jackson: Of course. Thank you! My name is Anna Jane and I am a model/actress as well as musician and creator. I currently reside in Los Angeles, but I was born in Greenwich, Connecticut. I was born in the midst of a snowstorm on February 3rd. Yes, I’m an Aquarius! Growing up, my family moved around and traveled a lot due to my dad’s airline job. Looking back, I’m really grateful for this because it forces you to adapt an open mind set.

Sam: You’ve been involved with several short films and are schedule to be a part of a new TV series. What led you into acting?
Anna Jane Jackson: Acting isn’t something my family moved to LA for like a lot do. I kind of stumbled upon it and ended up involving myself in one way or another throughout my childhood. I got “scouted” a couple times, but my parents and I didn’t think much of it. Until it kept happening, and I went, “Okay, I’ll give it a try I guess!” I began a local acting class and I guess people were impressed of what was coming out of this little otherwise shy girl. The passion was definitely there, so my parents and I decided to get me representation and I started auditioning.

Sam: Additionally, you’ve modeled for Vogue in runway features, and are now working on a career in music. What are you hoping to accomplish with your music & do you have a timeline of expected releases?
Anna Jane Jackson: I just finished the writing and recording process for the soundtrack of an upcoming movie. So, I am busy with the next steps! It’s set to release sometime next fall. Music has always been close to my heart, so my goal is to keep it that way, and be as authentic as possible. I want to work with people who feel the same way about music, and really listen to and trust my ideas.

Sam: You’ve proven to be very talented at a young age, where does your creativity come from?
Anna Jane Jackson: Thank you! I was a bit of a shy kid, and growing up I didn’t feel like I fit in. The arts were something I gravitated towards because I was able to find comfort in something and express how I felt. I have pretty creative parents who implemented the idea that I could accomplish anything if I worked hard enough. So, that motivates me to make my creative outlet reality.

Sam: Is there anything in particular you do to make that “creative outlet” a reality?
Anna Jane Jackson: I draw inspiration from life! I’m a pretty sensitive and observant person, so I feel like channeling that into expressing myself is key.

Sam: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received or can offer to young women or individuals chasing their goals?
Anna Jane Jackson: Anything is possible. If you really want something, you have to work your booty off every single day, but it’s possible. This applies to everyone, but especially being a woman, it can be tough for people to see you for who you are instead of an object. I hope we keep progressing, but for now, young women speaking their minds and chasing their dreams is extremely important for us. But a good work ethic applies to everyone. My mom always reinforces the idea that there are no excuses, because there is always someone who will work harder than you. Be that person!

Sam: I think the sky is the limit for you, where can people go to follow your journey?
Anna Jane Jackson:
Instagram! My handle is @annajanejackson on there. I’ve also been getting into Twitter more often, which is the same handle.



Disclaimer: Photos provided courtesy of Anna Jane Jackson. Potential minor edits for length, flow, grammatical/formatting.
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