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Meet global jewelry owner & designer Alice Roberts. Alice has also been featured in many major modeling publications and has an impressive background being born in Europe and living in Australia. She discusses her life and how The Littl was formed & grew.

Sam: I appreciate you taking this interview. Could you please share with our audience a little about your upbringing and life in Sydney?
Alice Roberts: I was actually born in Cannes, France, and moved to Sydney when I was six, in 2000. I didn’t know a word of English, but quickly adapted, and learned the language quite fast. I absolutely loved growing up in Sydney! I felt so privileged to live in such a beautiful and free country, with so many opportunities. The only downside was that I lived away from my grandparents, cousins and rest of the family (who mean everything to me), but luckily, I went back there (Cannes) every year to spend the holidays with them — great excuse for a little trip away!

Sam: Very unique. Fast-forwarding, how did you go from interior architecture to starting your own jewelry company, The Littl?
Alice Roberts: I started The Littl in my second last year of university, while on my summer break. I had just gone through a rough breakup, and found myself with a lot of spare time. Therefore, I thought I’d start a little business on the side to pass the time & make a little extra money. When I finished university, the business was going really well and since I was only working on it part time, I decided to just focus on that for a year after, and see how far I could push it. I ended up loving it, and architecture then became something I’d just fall back on if the jewelry business failed.

Sam: Before it started taking off, how much capital did you put in?
Alice Roberts: I honestly started the business by spending no more than $800. I’m very careful with how I spend my money, so I refused to put a lot into it without being sure that I’d get a return. Once I started getting sales, I started spending more, and eventually kept doing this to get it to where it’s at now, with hundreds of designs. I played it very safe!

Sam: Wow that’s a conservative approach. You also have a career modeling and being featured in Maxim. What do you do to balance your time?
Alice Roberts: Well the last several months have been rather intense to be honest! The Littl has completely taken off, and so has my influencing/modeling, so it’s really quite hard for me to click off and have much “me” time. I have hired help here & there to get me through Christmas sales, which enabled me to shoot here & there when I could, but even with the help, I still have to work seven days a week. So, it is hard to find time to do anything else. Whenever I do have a spare second away from work though, I usually am catching up with my friends over a glass of wine, usually at my place or out somewhere nice.

Sam: Do you have any advice you can share for young women and professionals pursuing their dreams?
Alice Roberts:
START! I wish I started sooner. It’s super scary in the beginning, but nothing worth having comes easy. It’s been such a fun journey altogether!

Sam: That’s terrific and seems to be a constant theme in these interviews. Finally, The Littl has some terrific designs. Are there long-term goals you can share and is there somewhere that people follow your journey?
Alice Roberts:
Thank you! Long term goals are to be in more stores worldwide, and hopefully one day become one of the biggest jewelry brands in Australia. It’s a huge dream, but hey, I once dreamed of being in the exact position that I am in now! So, we’ll see what happens, I’ll definitely be working hard for it!

People can follow my journey on my personal IG account is @aliceroberts_ and my jewelry account is @the.littl.


Disclaimer: Photos courtesy of Alice Roberts. Potential minor edits for length, flow, grammatical/formatting.
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