Meet small business owner and fashion guru Sam Souder. She shares her story and passion for fashion!

Sam: Thank you for your time, would you share a little about yourself?
Sam Souder: I’ve lived in a South Jersey suburb my whole life and up until last November sports were basically my entire life. Growing up, I played four sports in middle school, two in high school, and Division I Field Hockey at Temple University for the past four years. Sports are a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, despite how hard it was sometimes. All of the closest friends I’ve made throughout my years have come from playing sports in high school and college. Playing gave me a sisterhood I never had as an only child, and to this day the girls I keep in contact with are family to me.

Besides sports, I’ve always been into fashion. Like...I’ve always been a shopper! In middle school, I would wake up everyday to curl my hair, and had a “style cycle” (didn’t have a name for it at the time), but each school week I would wear casual two days, dress down two days, and dress up one day… yeah I know! So putting together outfits was always my forte, even when my style choices were questionable at best. Besides sports and fashion, by far my favorite thing to do is socialize with friends and family.

Sam: So, how did you get involved in modeling?
Sam Souder: I got extremely lucky with the way my modeling career began! I had always wanted to model and wasn’t sure how to get involved, but it was always a goal of mine. As soon as I finished my athletic career at Temple in November, it was time to focus on my next goal, modeling. I never anticipated it happening as quickly as it did. A photographer found me through Instagram and after our first shoot recommended me to an agency in Philadelphia. Before I knew it, a week later they wanted a meeting with me, and I walked out a part of Reinhard Agency. It was my biggest pinch me moment. I got so lucky with the people I started out my career with, and have had the most amazing mentors so far. It truly was a dream come true.

Sam: That's awesome! You're active on social media and influencing. What do you like about it?
Sam Souder: My favorite thing about social media is having the opportunity to express my creativity everyday. I don’t think there’s anything more rewarding than helping people and I’ve found that social media is the best way for me to do that. I always say social media can be such a positive place if you let it be. I prefer to only follow accounts that inspire and motivate me, and strive to do the same for my followers. My favorite things are socializing and fashion and being able to combine the two while connecting with people is so rewarding and fun for me. I’ve met so many beautiful people through Instagram and I truly love what I do. It’s different everyday and so fast paced which I love.

Sam: You also have a small business. Where did the idea for Shop Sam Souder come from and what are your goals for the company
Sam Souder: The idea for “ShopSamSouder” came from my passion for thrifting. I started heavily thrifting about a year and a half ago, and one day when I went I struck gold. I found fifteen tees I thought were so cool that I couldn’t put any down. I figured I couldn’t keep them all, and decided to make an Instagram account to begin flipping clothes! Then “ShopSamSouder” was born and it’s continuing to grow each day. I am so thankful for the people who contribute to my small business. It’s something I take a lot of pride in. It’s also a win-win because I love being able to promote sustainable fashion, and thrifting is one of my favorite hobbies.

Sam: Fantastic! Finally, what's next & where can people follow you?
Sam Souder: Next, my focus is on building the platforms that I’ve started and expanding the positive community we have there. I began "ShopSamSouder" in December 2019, modeling and influencing in January 2020, and started my YouTube channel last month. I still have so much I want to do with these opportunities and have so many ideas to create. I am learning every single day how to be better. My next “big goal” is to get my blog/website up to get everything organized in one place!


Disclaimer: All Photos Provided Courtesy of Sam Souder and her management. Potential minor edits for transcript's length, flow, grammatical/formatting.
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