Meet Tamara Klink. She has a diverse background, becoming an inspirational for women in technology. She is also the founder of FIIT Collective & host of Female in Tech Show.

Sam: It’s great to have you interviewing with Aeavv. Would you be able to share with our viewers about your upbringing?
Tamara Klink: Growing up I was naturally gifted in sport. I went to State titles for swimming, and Regionals for athletics, I also played competitive water polo, and excelled in ballet and gymnastics. One day, in Brisbane, my Mum and I were walking down Queen Street Mall and I saw kids performing circus tricks. This completely flipped my world upside down, and I had this deep desire that this is what I wanted to pursue.

Before I knew it, I was in circus school full time, performing and travelling around Australia. There were no exemptions for us academically, so teachers would tour with us to ensure we completed our schoolwork and exams. At the time, I was set on joining Cirque du Soleil, until I injured my back. Suddenly, everything my parents had been telling me about having a back-up career hit me. I decided to pivot and focus on school, with the aim of achieving a high ATAR and getting into a good university, which I did. I studied Business Management and Accounting at university, which were subjects I naturally excelled in. I also worked part time as a tax accountant during study, and managed three casual jobs.

Sam: Wow, that’s a very unique background, why did you then create FIIT Collective?
Tamara Klink: After being a tax accountant part-time during my study, I realized this career was not for me. This resulted in another pivot, and began work full time in recruitment, specializing in Salesforce. I found myself spending more time learning about Salesforce, and attending tech meetups than actually recruiting.

After a year, I got over hearing how interesting my candidate’s jobs were and decided I wanted to be just like them, and become a Salesforce expert. I called all of my clients, and sold myself in, as I would for any other candidate asking if they would consider a junior who would work overtime and spend additional hours studying to learn the platform. Four weeks later, I started my first role as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Campaign Manager. I was learning Salesforce and coding on the job, and I loved it! However, I quickly realized how male dominant the tech industry was, and although they were great mentors, I was in search of some female leaders.

I found myself signing up to every female in tech meet-up and event, in the hope to meet like-minded women. Although the events were great, I felt they presented a one-sided view, only presenting “successes”. I wanted more authenticity, of women sharing the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated industry, and the juggling act of being devoted to your career and being a mother. I also felt the events focused solely on your career, when life is so much more than that!

FIIT Collective started as a blog, where women in tech could share their career journey, and be authentic about the challenges, share strategies on how to overcome them, and how they balance work and life. I had lots of positive feedback from the articles, and I wanted to expand my audience, so I then started a podcast, The Females in Tech Show. The aim of the podcast is to inspire and empower women in tech to live a more purposeful career and life, by interviewing leading women in tech, as well as experts in wellbeing from around the world.

Sam: So, would you please share a little more about what led to becoming the host of the Female in Tech Show?
Tamara Klink: I had such amazing feedback from the women (and men) reading my blog, and I wanted to reach more people. I realized I was doing a disservice to women by only writing a blog. There are so many amazing women in tech, and they deserve to have millions of people hear their stories, and be able to share their advice on how to live a more purposeful career and life.

It’s my dream for women to chase after their career goals, and have the practices in place to do it all (self-care, partner or wife, and mother). I want women to feel in control, empowered and purposeful in all areas of life. When a female writes me a DM on Instagram sharing how I’ve inspired her, or leaves a review on my podcast, it honestly brings tears to my eyes. I want to inspire more women to live their best life, and be happy in their skin.

Sam: That’s a terrific dream, is there somewhere people can go to learn about you & follow your journey?
Tamara Klink: They can visit my females in tech blog and subscribe for updates so they never miss an article, or podcast episode. Subscribe to the The Females in Tech Show podcast on Apple Podcasts, and they can also follow me on Instagram, or FIIT Collective on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Disclaimer: All images provided by Tamara Klink. Potential minor edits for transcript's length, flow, grammatical/formatting.
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