Meet US rugby player Kris Thomas. She shares her passion for the sport and Olympic dreams.

Sam: Thank you so much for your time. Would you mind sharing a little about yourself?
Kris Thomas: I grew up in Philadelphia. I competed in track and field, basketball, and cheerleading as a child. I attended the University of Central Florida pursuing a degree in Theatre Studies with a minor in Women’s Studies. I played rugby for UCF for three and half years before joining the National Team.

Sam: How did you get started in rugby?
Kris Thomas: I dated a rugby player in high school. She told me a bit about the sport, but I signed up during my first week attending UCF. I didn’t know much about the sport when I started. I no longer wanted to run track and rugby seemed fun.

Sam: What do you like most about the sport?
Kris Thomas: I love the physicality and the strategy of the sport. It’s a really exciting and fast paced sport. I love that we have to make decisions very quickly and fulfill a variety of roles within the team to be successful.

Sam: Could you share your most memorable experience on the US Seven’s Team?
Kris Thomas: The most memorable experience  was winning Biarritz 7s. We had never won an HSBC World Series tournament and it was pretty special to experience that. It felt like all the work that the women had put in before us had led to that moment. I was happy to make them proud.

Sam: Do you have any advice for younger women and adults that Rugby has taught you?
Kris Thomas: Rugby has taught me to be confident and trust myself. I think it’s huge for young women and adults to know that they can take up space and be unapologetic about it.

Additional advice would be to value everyone’s role within a system. Whether that be in life, work, or on a sports team, everyone is playing a vital role in their own way.

Sam: Finally, what are your future goals in the sport and where can people follow you?
Kris Thomas: My goals are to win an Olympic gold medal, the HSBC World Series, and a World Cup. I hope to improve the game for future generations and inspire more people to watch or play the sport. You can follow along with my journey on Instagram by searching “kristhomas11.”


Disclaimer: All Photos Provided Courtesy & Authorized by Kris Thomas. Potential minor edits for transcript's length, flow, grammatical/formatting.
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