Meet up-and-coming Los Angeles actress Becca Nieman. She shares her experience and favorite roles!

Sam: Could you share a little background about yourself?
Becca Nieman: I am from Cincinnati Ohio, I moved to LA (Los Angeles) after going to the University of Cincinnati to study surgical technology. I’ve lived in LA for two years now and a fun fact in those two years I have moved 6 times!

Sam: Wow that is a lot! How did you first start getting involved with acting?
Becca Nieman: I cheered for 12 years, once I started college I realized I wanted a new hobby. So I found an acting agency not to far away from my school, ended up getting signed, going to acting classes and going to auditions took off from there.

My agent, at the time, flew Taylor Bright from Stagecoach LA out to Cincinnati to read slides with me and she’s the one who promoted my move to LA.

Sam: Why do you like acting?
Becca Nieman: There are many reasons I love acting, one being I love having the ability to portray a feeling and when someone watches, hopefully it can help them feel not so alone.

It can be something someone connects to and holds on to. Another reason is acting is an escape for me. Whenever I get done with a project it’s a feeling like no other.

Sam: What types of roles are you interested in/prefer?
Becca Nieman: I’m interested in all roles. My favorites are probably drama & romance, because I think human connection is so important. In these types of film, we have much more room to portray a message as a pose to comedy. But I love comedy for the comedic relief of it all.

Sam: Finally, where can people find you?
Becca Nieman: My Instagram and TikToK- @Becca_Nieman


Disclaimer: All Photos Provided Courtesy & Authorized by Becca Nieman. Potential minor edits for transcript's length, flow, grammatical/formatting.
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