Meet Ana Cespedes. Ana is a South American pilot from Paraguay, who has also seen success on the international beauty stage. She
shares her extraordinary story and experience with engine failures!

Sam: I appreciate you taking part in this interview. Would you please share why you decided to become a pilot?
Ana Cespedes: Thank you so much. My dad is a pilot too so since I was a little girl I was always looking up to planes and that was when everything started it.

Sam: Learning to fly is known to be incredibly challenging. Do you have a memorable experience of that time?
Ana Cespedes: I do. When I was still a student, my instructor and I had an engine fail up in the air. At first, I was not understanding at all what was happening so then it got to me. My instructor was very calm, since he purposefully closed the fuel pump.

As a result, I learned to act in the moment, feel the adrenaline, and also the way I react when something like that happens. It was a day I will never forget and also will remember, because it made me think about life and also made me appreciate more every moment in life.

And after that, it happened to me once again with a Bonanza, but I was about to land so it was no problem at all, since I was only fifty feet away from the ground.

Sam: How much flight time have you had and what would you tell people dreaming to fly?
Ana Cespedes: I’ve logged more than seven hundred hours over two years. I really believe that everything is possible. If someone could do it before, so can the people just starting out now!

Sam: You've also been a bit of a sensation in international beauty pageants. Did that ever interfere with aviation, and do you have further plans?
Ana Cespedes: Oh my gosh, I was! And yes, it did interfere, because doing both things is very difficult. So, I stopped flying for around two months and then once I ended my adventure with the beauty pageant, I continued flying again. I do not have any more plans with the beauty pageant world but it was an amazing experience.

Sam: Wonderful, you have a fascinating story, where can people find you and learn more?
Ana Cespedes: Thank you so very much. It means a lot! I am on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook as Ana Paula Cespedes, on Twitter as AnaaCespedes and on TikTok as anapaulacespedes0. I also am very excited to add that everything is possible!




Disclaimer: All photos provided courtesy of Ana Cespedes. Potential minor edits for length, flow, grammatical/formatting.
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