Collegiate Football Ranks After Week 6

Check out our staff's AEAVV straw poll of this week's 2021 football rankings. Unlike other rankings, we don't use bias ratings, brand reputation, or prior years to evaluate. Instead we look at production, results, and use our own expertise!

1. Georgia 1

2. Iowa 2

3. Cincinnati*

4. Oklahoma 1

5. Penn State ↓2

Dropped: Alabama

Movement Shifts: Alabama drops out of the rankings after losing to a multiple loss team. Georgia moves to the number one spot after another decisive win. Iowa narrowly defeats a severely injured Penn State and is helped by Alabama's loss. Cincinnati enters the rankings after a dominate 5-0 start. Oklahoma slowly climbs the rankings after another victory. Penn State drops two spots after a field goal loss to high ranked Iowa.

Key: ↑ Up and ↓ Down from prior poll. * indicates new entry.

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