Collegiate Football Final Ranks

Check out our staff's AEAVV straw poll of this week's 2021 football rankings. Unlike other rankings, we don't use bias ratings, brand reputation, or prior years to evaluate. Instead we look at production, results, and use our own expertise!

1. Michigan ↑1

2. Cincinnati ↑1

3. Notre Dame ↑2

4. Alabama*

5. Georgia ↓4

Dropped: Oklahoma State

Notes: No Rankings will be released after Bowl games, as invitationals and mediocre bowls have resulted in players rightfully skipping.

Movement Shifts: Michigan had a dominate Big Ten title performance. Cincinnati took care of business. Georgia was decimated by Alabama. Notre Dame benefited from others losing. Oklahoma State was upset in their game.

Key:  Up and  Down from prior poll. * indicates new entry.

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