Our Approach

AEAVV® is designed to help individuals and employees grow both professionally and in life. We strive to offer a quick & easy platform where people can receive routine updates and inspiration to start the day. Similarly, interview features are offered as Aeavv Features™ to inspire and empower others. Lastly, AEAVV® desires our viewers to experience an luxury lifestyle while enjoying affluence scenery.

Our Story

AEAVV® was founded during the summer of 2019 in St. Petersburg, FL with the vision of supporting young athletes, professionals and small businesses. Coriquexx, LLC was assembled as the ownership and organizational structure for AEAVV® to thrive. Since that time, we have only magnified and enhanced our founding principles for our consumers.

Meet Our Leadership

As the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Coriquexx, LLC, Sam is responsible for the company’s overall direction and vision. Prior to Coriquexx, LLC formation, he served in roles at Fortune 500 organizations and a US Senate campaign. Sam studied at Pennsylvania State University and earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Economics at the University of South Florida.