Build Your Own Business

“Harvard graduates believe creating a job is better than finding a job.” Perhaps you recognize that line from The Social Network. (The 2010 hit film about Facebook.) It’s not surprising that most college graduates when polled recognize finding a job after graduation the primary objective after college. Sure enough, most students attend college for financial independence and to land a job.

However, if the goal is financial independence, is landing a job the best way to do it? Recent studies have suggested more millennials are foregoing this route and instead starting up proprietorships in fashion or building LLC’s in the Tech industry. Moreover, the millennials taking this risk are enjoying the boom that the rest of the US economy is currently feeling.

If creating a job is something you ever considered, you may find it simpler than previously thought. Outlined below are the straight-forward steps you need to create your own job and have financial independence.

1.       Choose a business and name.

2.       Find a state to do business in and incorporate through the state’s website.

3.       Once incorporated, file an EIN at no cost with the IRS government site. (This will enable you to open a bank account.)

4.       Check with your local government and complete any permits that may be needed online.

It is as simple as those steps and in a few days your business will be fully operational!

Authored by: Emma